Xtraction: Displaying a Deeper Understanding of Data

After the meetings, the purchases, the installations, the trainings, the implementations, the modifications… how do you access your data efficiently? How do you identify and understand what is happening within your systems and networks? How do you know if your equipment is working accurately? Xtraction monitors live, up-to-date data and provides comprehensive reporting features enabling organizations to better understand operational data, quickly determine the value of different IT tools, and more easily identify the right decisions to make in the future.

Without coding or complex commands, Xtraction connects to your IT tools, resources, and applications, providing improved transparency and delivering instant access to an accurate picture of multiple IT environments. In minutes, Xtraction displays a deeper understanding of data by drilling down into ITSM, ITAM, endpoint systems, security environments, and databases. After consolidating and filtering real-time data, organizations can recognize which performance measures need improvement, ensure IT environments are operating as intended, and demonstrate the business value of IT investments.

Xtraction takes complicated data and wraps it up in an understandable package, providing organizations with high-level insights to ensure business strategies align with operational initiatives. It’s an effective, easy-to-read monitoring and reporting tool that delivers to stakeholders, senior management, and management the capability to pinpoint metrics relevant to data, applications, and systems.

Xtraction establishes visibility into areas where there was no visibility before. Especially when it comes to patch management and security vulnerabilities, Xtraction gives organizations a head start at detecting potential vulnerabilities and having a clear understanding of what decisions must be made to maintain a healthy and effective security posture. When using Xtraction with an endpoint management system, any attributes of managed devices can be captured, displayed in real-time, and manipulated with using an intuitive platform.

With pre-defined connectors, out-of-the-box dashboards, and easy-to-use templates, Xtraction can be set up within a few hours, giving access and visibility into multiple IT environments right away. Every month, the number of default data models increases, and currently, data models are available for Active Directory, SCCM, and the major enterprise-level service manager products. Most Ivanti customers already have Xtraction as an option, which can be used without additional outlay.

Whether generating reports on service and response levels, tracking asset data, collecting incident reports, or gathering up-to-date snapshots of your organization’s patching progress, Xtraction acts as a flexible, low impact, database-based software solution improving visibility, maximizing value, and identifying if IT technologies are performing in an effective, safe, and correct manner. Taking less than a day to set up, starting to manipulate Xtraction can have an immediate, powerful impact on business intelligence.

By Chad Knott | April 10th, 2021 | 0 Comments