Third-Party Monitoring: The Answer to Siloed Data

Why Is Third-Party Monitoring Important?

With each tool requiring its own monitoring platform, there are limitations in overall coverage and capability. To overcome this obstacle, a Third-Party Monitoring solution fills in the gaps. For ITSM, Third-Party Monitoring delivers the support and coverage for those areas without a monitoring solution and gives operations access to a single platform containing accurate, real-time monitoring of asset health, performance, and usage.

Due to the growing variety of assets within on-premises and cloud environments, it has become a major challenge for organizations to perform third-party monitoring with consistency and efficiency. Similar to service management twenty years ago, monitoring has become siloed.

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Here is a typical example. When an organization invests in a Cisco network, it comes with Cisco routers and switches. There might be tools to monitor the Cisco environment, but it lacks the capability of monitoring the servers, which are not Cisco, leaving the organization’s monitoring effectiveness very limited.

How Third-Party Monitoring Helps Eliminate Data Silos

Using a Third-Party Monitoring solution allows organizations to put an end to information silos and address IT monitoring effectively. In many cases, individual monitoring solutions are free because they come with the software, but -- and I might date myself here -- it’s comparable to the old fax software that used to come with modems. It kind of does the job, but it’s not really what is needed to do the job properly.

The answer to data silos is the breadth and depth of monitoring coverage available with a Third-Party Monitoring solution. Whether the solution is native or not, the real ITIL best practice for monitoring is having a Third-Party Monitoring solution that gathers and unifies all monitoring data under a single pane of glass. Instead of running separate monitoring solutions covering a segmented collection of assets, organizations can now access one monitoring solution that brings together all other monitoring solutions.

Our holistic approach allows organizations to better understand the interconnections of the components of their environment while ensuring all environments are performing as intended.

Third-Party Monitoring on a Single Platform

If an organization wants to adopt proactive monitoring strategies and achieve total coverage, a Third-Party Solution offers the capability of ingesting monitoring data from areas with coverage and without coverage into a central location. Rather than relying on segmented groups, combining separate monitoring groups under a single pane of glass makes it easier, faster, and safer to establish proactive policies, identify problems, and pinpoint root causes before services are impacted.

Flycast Partners provides scalable Third-Party Monitoring solutions helping organizations achieve total coverage, monitoring from a single pane of glass the health, performance, and usage statistics of IT environments with improved accuracy, consistency, and efficiency. Contact us to learn more.

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