Revamped ITSM Project Management Team

Abrupt changes to our work and life now have some semblance of normalcy. With so many unknowns, many projects were postponed, and budgets were frozen, but as the pandemic continues many organizations are getting back to business as usual. What can you expect from Flycast Partners? We are here to help! With Professional Services, ITSM Project Management, Remote Administration Services (RAS), and even Level 1 product support, we have diverse offerings to execute multiple IT projects or provide daily assistance for our customers.
The Professional Services team is aggressively training on vendor certifications to attain the highest-level ratings in their product verticals. In many cases, our consultants train, certify, and administer consulting for multiple products and vendors to provide diverse industry knowledge. With consultants having an average of 15+ years of experience, product and ITIL certifications, and constant delivery of services, Flycast Partners provides industry-leading consultation services with a 98% customer satisfaction rating. Our consulting team is ready to assist with solutions (simple to complex), new installations, migrations, upgrades, and everything in between.

When large projects are not needed or need immediate assistance, Flycast Partners also offers remote administration services for simple engagements. The Remote Administration team provides basic services: product upgrades, configuration changes, and troubleshooting within 24 hours of a request. With some of our products, we offer Level 1 support to ensure we can help customers with simple to complex solutions. Our support teams provide various options to support all business needs with award-winning customer service.

Our project management group continues to grow and provide customers with visibility, status, and outstanding insight throughout project execution. This team is the ‘glue’ that keeps all aspects of the project on time and on budget and is integral to project success. The project management team is very process-driven, and we will be investing in new tools to provide better customer collaboration, communication, and process automation.

We are looking for more ways to continue providing industry-leading consultation, flexibility, and collaboration. We continually review both our internal and external processes to operate as efficiently as possible to keep our prices low to pass those savings to our customers. We look for innovative ways to provide outstanding customer service with one main goal in mind: to have a customer for life. We are ready to help get old projects restarted, design a new project, or provide full support when assistance is needed. Looking forward to working with you!

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