Flycast Partners & Valencia Risk Elevate ITSM & Cybersecurity

SAINT PETERSBURG, FL (August 2023) –

Flycast Partners, a leading IT Service Management integrations and implementations provider is excited to announce its partnership with Valencia Risk. Valencia Risk is an industry leader in Cybersecurity services and consulting, specializing in strategies and requirements for industrial systems and consumer technologies. Since 2015, Valenica Risk has offered organizations efficient techniques to assess IT environments, identify security gaps, discover vulnerabilities, and perform remediation activities to prevent breaches and future incidents.

Combining the expertise of both Flycast Partners and Valencia Risk, this strategic partnership couples highly qualified resources with vast experience in implementing Gartner-leading IT Service Management solutions and effectively addressing privacy and compliance initiatives regarding service management, risk management, technology governance, and auditing.

Valencia Risk’s reputation as an IT security leader is evident in its offerings and the feedback received from its customers and industry experts. Its certified consultants provide strategies and solutions based on years of experience assisting enterprises across all industries, cities/states, and federal government agencies throughout North America. For nearly a decade, they have excelled at building, developing, monitoring, assessing, and accrediting infrastructure, applications, programs, and processes for both information security and the broader spectrum of data protection to include risk/exposure.

“Valencia Risk, as cyber optimists, are dedicated to forging a safer digital landscape through robust security and privacy programs, fostering trust and resilience at every turn,” Chief Executive Officer Aron Feuer says. “Our unwavering commitment extends to our valued partners, exemplified by our collaboration with Flycast Partners. Just as IT Service Management and Cybersecurity practices harmonize for comprehensive protection, our partnership with Flycast Partners and shared clients underscores the power of unity in achieving unparalleled security and practical standards. Together, we fortify the foundation of trust that your business depends upon. We are proud to join with a like-minded, customer-first organization like Flycast Partners.”  

Leveraging Valencia Risk’s proven track record of protecting information and infrastructure, Flycast Partners’ ITSM customers can better manage privacy, IT security, and IT risk within increasingly complex business and public-sector environments.

“Drawing from our experience providing best-in-class ITSM solutions, Flycast Partners is acutely aware of the security challenges our valued customers continuously face,” explains Flycast Partners CEO Nathan George. “Because of this dire need, it became evident that our customers required more than just robust controls for their diverse user communities. They needed a cohesive team of technology experts with a history of working on the front lines of Cybersecurity. Through our collaboration with Valencia Risk, Flycast Partners meets these imperatives and offers various solutions to protect digital environments and enhance preventative measures.”

About Flycast Partners

Flycast Partners, a Veteran-Owned Small Business, specializes in IT consulting and implementation services with Gartner-leading enterprise solutions. As a Value-Added Reseller and implementor of IT solutions for over a decade, our extensive industry and product knowledge provides our US-based, vendor-certified experts the competitive edge to supervise and address all aspects of the sales, planning, implementation, training, and support cycles.

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About Valencia Risk

Valencia Risk provides expert guidance and a comprehensive range of Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Cloud Advisory services to help ensure public- and private-sector organizations protect people, data, and infrastructure. Our wealth of expertise and understanding of IT strategy comes from years of hands-on experience effectively addressing privacy and compliance initiatives regarding service management, risk management, technology governance, and auditing.

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