Ivanti Automation: Integrate Faster

What Is Ivanti Automation?

Ivanti Automation provides optimized solutions improving the speed, accuracy, and performance of infrastructure, cloud services, and workflow processes within the IT Service Management platform. It reduces manual processes significantly, enforces security and compliance policies successfully, and generates auditing and reporting analysis more quickly.

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Ivanti Automation is a solution that:

• Empowers IT to automate routine and manual tasks
• Accelerates ROI from existing technology investments through integration
• Quickly gives people access to the digital resources they need to do their jobs
• Enforces essential security and compliance policies
• Expedites the transition of on-premises or virtual workloads to the cloud
• Shifts IT spending to more strategic projects
• Optimizes the service desk to reduce or eliminate ticket-resolution times
• Aligns with and provides agility to support dev-ops initiatives

How Can Ivanti Automation Help?

Ivanti Automation can be up and running integrations and commands in a matter of hours. It integrates with Windows and Nix environments, including Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, and basic commands. For VMware, AirWatch, Azure, and many other third-party technologies, the Ivanti marketplace has downloadable integrations. With these fill-in-the-blank methods, Ivanti Automation can begin to perform pre-defined integration automations immediately. When no direct integration is available in the Ivanti marketplace, Ivanti Automation has strong PowerShell implementations, which uses existing scripts to provide the capabilities to run commands and install software on operating systems like Windows and Unix.

Ivanti Automation comes equipped with default dashboards and reporting capabilities. Using its customizable reporting features, organizations can gain insights into operational performance, ensuring systems, networks, and resources are running as intended. The solution can be extended further for writing custom databases for higher levels of granularity. By removing manual processes, reducing touchpoints, and improving self-service capabilities, organizations can:

• Gather accurate information more easily
• Access a centralized console of data instantly
• Eliminates manual efforts required to support service requests
• Quickly generate detailed auditing reports analyzing multiple IT environments

To improve operational agility and streamline the management of applications and services effectively, it requires a clear plan of action aligning business goals with automation opportunities. Automation is no magic wand. Systems must be analyzed strategically. After determining and understanding what’s being accomplished most of the time, organizations can address high-volume tickets, recurring issues, and scheduled tasks that are easy and routine to automate.

Ivanti Automation - Key Capabilities:

Task Automation
Flexible Administration

As these repetitive, monotonous tasks are removed, it reduces the burden on IT, delivers a faster response to user needs, and allows IT to focus on automating more advanced processes and workflows. Whether building complex tasks for patch management, providing users the right resources automatically and securely, or provisioning on-premises services and cloud-based applications, the versatility, flexibility, and speed of Ivanti Automation enable organizations to perform operations more efficiently and give time back to IT.

Flycast Partners helps organizations identify key areas where automation can create the biggest impact, offering optimized efficiency, improved quality assurance, and a higher return on technology investments. With the assistance of our experienced IT technicians, organizations can evaluate IT environments strategically, determine relevant automation process opportunities, and ensure Ivanti Automation is being leveraged successfully.

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