Dynamic Dashboard Flexibility

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Staring out at row after row of workstations, how do you ensure they are all receiving the right information? To underline the flexibility of dashboards, Flycast Partners has a dynamic technique for providing a user-based approach to distributing information so that each user has access to the same dashboard with information personalized just for them.

Typically, organizations use dashboards for monitoring and reporting to gain visibility, extract meaningful insights, and achieve a true understanding of performance. From a centralized source of accurate information, IT teams, stakeholders, and users can filter operational data, gather knowledge, analyze trends, and visualize metrics.

With this enhancement, end-users have access to the searches, reports, and one-steps needed to stay productive alongside the capability to view tickets, open incidents, and initiate resolutions—all from their personal homepage dashboard.

  • Maintain the same homepage dashboard

  • Send user-based information to every dashboard automatically

  • Provide end-users access to accurate data across the entire organization

  • Ensure the right end-users are receiving the right information consistently

  • Command homepage dashboards to perform actionable items

For more information, reach out to Flycast Partners. Our software solutions help organizations establish standardized processes enhancing service management capabilities and improving the user experience.

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