Throughout our lives, we are each conditioned to look at situations as "win or lose". Our human instincts are to seek control of the circumstances to position ourselves to experience a win and our counterpart a loss. Relationships between individuals exist in both our public and private lives, and if we continually view each as a win-lose situation, problems occur and outcomes in most cases are not optimal. This traditional mindset can also lead to loss of productivity or quality based upon the dire need to win. In business, it is incumbent upon each of us to stop viewing every situation as a win-lose but begin to change the paradigm to a win-win. How can this be achieved? It can be achieved by opening up and demonstrating a willingness to create an environment of true partnership; By being an organization where doing the right thing for the right reason is not just something written on a banner, it is a mindset. In turn, all parties benefit, most importantly the customers.

I have been with Flycast Partners for a relatively short time, but I am extremely proud to be part of an organization where openness, equality, and collaboration are not just an idea or a set of words, but a true mantra.  By working together across the enterprise, Flycast has introduced an environment of empowerment, continuous improvement, and overall organizational buy-in, allowing a “team” synergy to manifest itself and prove everyone within the organization can achieve a win-win.

I have been in many different organizations and have experienced the fallout of a hostile, jealous, aggressive, win-at-all-costs environment, which has proven to be devastating to our organization. In contrast, as part of the Flycast Partners team, I find complete, unbridled satisfaction, and a willingness to achieve enterprise success, that is refreshing, to say the least.

Instead of fostering an adversarial work environment where internal competition is the norm, Flycast Partners has chosen to create a hierarchical organization built on empowerment and collaboration—An environment where damaging and wasteful control and power struggles are not vital to achieve success; An environment where consideration is spread across all levels and teammates view success as a whole, not as individuals. 

I am proud to be part of an organization where leadership listens, providing everyone the opportunity to sit at the proverbial table and have a voice—A voice that is listened to and valued as decisions are made; A voice providing valuable strategic information from a unique perspective. It is an extremely productive environment where the welfare of our teammates and customers are our priority. Flycast Partners is an organization where teammate and customer welfare and satisfaction are priorities. And, as I see it, that is the biggest win of all.

By John Postorino | May 10th, 2020 | 0 Comments

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