What Makes Up a Winning/Successful Support Team?

Two words answer the above question–Support Analysts! You can have a well-defined support process, track the appropriate metrics, send out Customer Satisfaction Surveys to your customers, ensure your Support Analysts are trained/certified and provide them the latest technology and tools, but it all comes down to one thing–your Support Analysts. With years of experience and over 1,000 customer relationships, Flycast Partners has strengthened its partnerships with the finest software publishers and cultivated a business environment focusing on making every customer a Customer for Life.

Even with the proper training and certifications, Support Analysts need to offer more than the latest technologies, well-defined support processes, and tools for tracking metrics.
Our experienced team of certified and trained Support Analysts are knowledgeable, attentive, and possess a genuine desire to go the extra mile. They listen to customers, adapt, watch for patterns, and share in the excitement of fostering maturing partnerships. When our customers renew their annual maintenance and support contracts, it is because of the teamwork of our Support Analysts. Ingrained in their attitude, care, and decision-making is the overarching goal of making a Customer for Life.

To deliver the highest quality of support, Flycast Partners assigns each support customer a Customer Success Manager (CSM), who helps conduct a thorough analysis and confirms the methods and scope of our support. Throughout every stage of our proven, eleven-step methodology, the CSM will respond quickly, identify, and resolve issues in fewer steps, and keep customers informed of upcoming events benefiting their overall efficiency, performance, and knowledge bases. With the objective of a Customer for Life rooted in their thinking, the CSM will communicate expectations, stay proactive, and provide support enabling customers to operate their services more effectively.
We believe Support Leadership should be involved in day-to-day activities with their support teams. I meet with our Customer Success Managers and Director of Sales Operations twice a week and review a 120-day dashboard. In our organization, we are brutally honest, respect one another’s opinions, and strive to improve each department’s results.

During my 35 years in computer technologies, I have embedded in my business DNA three basic beliefs from my time at IBM: Respect for the individual, best possible service to our customers, and pursuit of excellence. It starts at the top of a company, and I am honored and proud to say that the President of Flycast Partners, Nathan George, respects his customers and empowers every employee in his company to participate in a business environment encouraging and valuing communication, collaboration, and customer loyalty.

For over a decade, Flycast Partners has aligned our customers with the widest selection of support options to ensure their teams aspire to be Champions of Service Delivery. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful partnerships with many of the finest software publishers. We appreciate all our customers and their continued confidence in Flycast Partners.

By Bill Auvil | December 14th, 2020 | 0 Comments