Toss a Coin to Your Witcher

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s new TV series the Witcher, I would strongly suggest doing so. For those of you who have not seen it, the hero in the Witcher is essentially a monster hunter, who just wants to do good, but would like to make a little coin while he accomplishes whatever valiant mission he is being tasked with. He's often referred to as a monster himself throughout the season and viewed nothing more than a necessary evil related to vanquishing whatever monster problem the village may be experiencing.

This made me think of my role as Account Manager in technology sales. While I am not half-elf or born from magical beginnings, individuals in our role are often viewed as just a necessary evil needed to navigate whatever initiative IT leaders are looking to tackle. While I have no doubt there are Witchers (Account Managers) with poor intentions, a great majority of successful ones really do have their customer’s best interest at heart and only want to do good. Instead of vanquishing monsters on a daily basis, we vanquish challenging and complex pain points and/or problems that IT villages (departments) are going through and arming them with the proper weapons (technology) in order for them to be successful.

Through the series, you see people’s view of the Witcher transition into a positive light. In our case this is the sales cycle—The further down that cycle we get, the more trust is built, and we can make measurable progress towards the organization’s initiatives. Until trust is established, which I certainly understand is earned daily, there can be no constructive conversations taking place and dishonesty or misinformation run rampant costing both the village and the Witcher valuable time (see where I am going with these analogies by now?).

If we can establish boundaries and trust early on, we can conquer the IT monsters together with efficiency. It is acceptable to ask for assistance, it is not a sign of weakness but rather a willingness to collaborate with the resources available to you. As the leader of your IT department or organization, your team is looking to you to make the best use of everything at your disposal, even if that means trusting a Witcher from time to time. Our fight is with the malicious hackers, organizational inefficiencies, and the never-ending workload that continues to pile on IT departments worldwide.

In conclusion, I do want to thank the multitude of great customers I am fortunate to collaborate with daily. While I don’t expect a short newsletter to change anyone’s mind about Witchers, I do hope this challenges you to be a little more receptive to the next Account Manager looking to assist you in the tall task that is navigating the IT market and figuring out what solution best fits your unique needs/goals. And always remember to “Toss a Coin to Your Account Manager” as the best of us really want to be a hero to your team!

By Daniel Heckman | February 10th, 2020 | 0 Comments

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