Setting Up for Implementation of CMDB and ITAM

To manage on-premise and cloud assets without business interruption, organizations need a standardized method of knowing their locations, health status, and replacement schedules. By implementing CMDB and ITAM, Flycast Partners can enable an organization to build a cost-effective, self-service approach allowing for more accuracy and control over the asset management process. If implemented with a clear strategy, organizations can purchase assets more efficiently and maximize overall value by quickly accessing asset data.

What is a CMDB?

A Configuration Management Database (CMDB) stores asset data and the relationships between assets, keeping track of Configuration Items (CI) within IT environments. CIs are assets like computers, end-user laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and virtual machines. When it comes to infrastructure, CIs include switches, routers, wireless access points, applications, and databases. In addition, a CI can be an item or accessory not related to IT. If the CI has a serial number or a barcode, it can be managed inside the CMDB. To put it plainly, a CMDB contains the data concerning the state of assets and a CI is an asset that can be fed into a discovery tool, such as an endpoint management system, SCCM, or Ivanti Neurons.

Accurate & Centralized

The discovery tool synchronizes organizational assets. It begins the process of centralizing CI data and confirming its accuracy. Once the discovery tool has collected an asset’s attributes, such as location and contract information, the CMDB can be tied back to the product catalog for tracking in unique ways. Think about what happens when an asset’s lease is expiring. Accessing accurate centralized data and using process-driven techniques can help organizations identify the specific asset immediately and select a replacement quickly, making it easier and faster to complete a refresh. Establishing an accurate CMDB gives organizations the capability to deliver the right technologies into the hands of staff without impacting operations.

Self-Service Product Catalog

The emphasis Flycast Partners places on self-service provides a reduction of overall administration. For most IT leaders, at least half of their spending is controlled by a variety of business units within the organization, leaving the responsibility of vetting of IT product catalogs to a variety of individuals outside the IT department. Leadership needs accurate, up-to-date, and centralized data that allows for collaboration across the organization. From an administration perspective, Asset Managers can keep multiple service request offerings accurate and current in a more efficient manner, achieving a streamlined process when purchasing and delivering assets inside the organization. As assets and warranties expire and change over time, one can easily make modifications without needing to redesign the service request offerings, giving Asset Managers more purchase control for what IT provides to staff.

Flycast Partners has experience helping organizations consolidate large volumes of information and perform data imports into ITAM products that come with more than 30 pre-built templates documenting and tracking detailed, relevant attributes, improving granularity. In some cases where a given manufacturer has low granularity, the unexpected might occur. A product catalog might list a laptop but there are five sub-models. If you wanted more detailed specifics, there might be a problem properly capturing the exact sub-model of the laptop. When this happens, Asset Managers will need to manually clean things up and make sure the information is correct. By utilizing IT software solutions with high granularity, it reduces manual intervention, provides a more accurate product catalog, and ensures the right asset is delivered at the right time.

Knowing Asset Health

When setting up for implementation of CMDB and ITAM, it can be daunting. First, there are too many spreadsheets, countless data gaps, and hundreds of items in a product catalog. To build and maintain a CMDB, it takes time and investment upfront to develop a secure repository of synchronized, centralized data containing all asset health. With the assistance of Flycast Partners, organizations can access accurate asset data instantly and establish a product catalog tied to your asset management system, creating a process-driven, self-service method for ensuring assets are performing quickly, correctly, and successfully.

By Michael Yarros | March 10th, 2021 | 0 Comments