Robust, Mature, and Standardized Project Management

For over a decade, Flycast Partners has helped over 1,200 customers mature their service delivery capabilities with our robust and standardized Project Management services.

Regardless of a project’s size or complexity, Flycast Partners offers the following Project Management services during the engagement:

  • Oversee successful execution of multi-phase, multi-dimensional, and multi-resource Customer engagements

  • Thorough understanding of the requirements, scope, and definitions for each engagement

  • Develop timeline estimates identifying and scheduling resources to meet and/or exceed Customer deadlines

  • Secure exemplary technical resources for each engagement

  • Proactively recognize Customer needs and apply mature conflict resolutions when/if necessary

  • Manage potential risks and delivery quality

  • Track performance and quality of project deliverables

  • Ensure that project adheres to timeline

  • Effectively communicate with project teams, customers, legal, sales, and internal SMEs


With our trusted guidance, customers can establish a clear roadmap of objectives and goals ensuring projects are delivered on budget and on time. These service offerings allow customers to receive best in value and enhanced engagement for all our Professional Services.

From years of practice and listening to customers, Flycast Partners has experience adapting to change rapidly and mitigating risk pro-actively. At every stage of the engagement’s duration, our knowledgeable and motivated staff is available for support. Customers can access the right resources, receive consistent scheduling and status updates, and more efficiently navigate a complex project successfully alongside a skilled consulting team focused on providing excellent customer service.

By Kim Gagnon | December 22nd, 2020 | 0 Comments