Positives During a Global Pandemic

As all of you are aware, we are all still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. There is still a great deal of uncertainty and negativity that is bombarding us daily. This has caused additional stress and worries for families, businesses, and of course, those that work in the IT space. As we continue to establish the “New Norm”, we need to take a moment to reflect on the positives that have come from all this. Yes, positives. There have been many, but some of us have been so busy trying to cope that we have lost sight of what is going right.

Something that stands out is the willingness of most companies to work with their team members as they and their families deal with having to work from home or playing teacher for their children. On top of all that, there are unforeseen stresses like the lack of necessary items in the grocery stores. Many organizations have worked very hard to ensure their teams have the right tools available at home to try and promote the business as usual. They have made video calls to ensure that the personal team interaction is not lost. Organizations have modified their businesses to accommodate their team’s new family or home situations. In my opinion, companies have gone out of their way to show their team members that they are truly there for them. This is a big deal in today’s business world. Most of us have always thought that most organizations only cared about their bottom line.

In the world of IT, the changes have been amazing! IT teams around the world have worked overtime to alter the way companies operate virtually overnight. They have come together and shared ideas to overcome the many obstacles that have resulted because of this global pandemic. You can feel a spirit of newfound respect and trust for those in IT from their peers. Let’s face it, many times before this situation, IT was an afterthought. Most people never really paid attention to what went on behind the scenes to make things run smoothly. Now that everyone has seen their IT teams in immediate action as they were trying to establish their home office situations, I believe that it has made members of organizations closer and more understanding of each other’s jobs.

Outside of our business relationships, this event has brought us all much closer together as human beings. Families are spending quality time together. We are reaching out to family and friends to connect more. The desire to go outside and enjoy nature is at an all-time high. Our pets have become more important than ever. They enjoyed levels of care and affection that I am sure they are not used to and probably don’t want to see diminish. Nature is enjoying a break from humanity and healing itself in most areas around the world. But the absolute and most important thing to come from all this is our newfound appreciation for toilet paper.

By Rich Longo | May 10th, 2020 | 0 Comments