Flycast Partners New Security Practice

Welcome to 2021 and welcome to Flycast Partners' new Security Practice. My name is Frederick Sears and I recently joined the Flycast Partners team. I am excited and look forward to meeting our customers and begin the conversations to address your immediate and long-term needs regarding security.

As our country begins to emerge from the grips of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic, IT security concerns have never been more important and impactful. Over the past 12 months, we have seen businesses struggling to not only protect their business but also protect their people. As we settle into a new normal, people's protection will become even more important as businesses and the economy continue to recover.

What exactly are your needs and where should you start? Too often the Security conversation begins with technology or a specific problem and does not take into account the full extent of the situation. Many times, the conversation is occurring amid a crisis, and decisions are executed reactively. During the crisis, good decisions are typically not made and incorrect technologies are chosen which always leads to increased costs and poor end-user experiences.

Security discussions need to treated as new business initiatives, with careful thought, discussion, and evaluation. Quite simply it needs to begin with a business conversation and the question: "what is my risk or exposure?; Has the problem been fully or nearly fully identified and what are the options that need to be addressed?" Security normally means something different to every one of us; however, when you start thinking about the problem from a holistic perspective, more effective decisions can be identified and executed. Security, just like the business, is an ever-evolving dynamic part of our daily activities needing to be developed, nurtured, and embraced, because it does not occur, the organization opens itself up to risk and potential IT compromise.

What are the questions that need to be asked in the beginning, here are some to start that conversation?

  • What are the things that can disrupt or cripple your business?
  • How long can your business survive if you lost everything?
  • Do you have a recovery plan for each type of compromise?
  • What does Security mean to you and what concerns do you have?
  • What is the organizational impact if there is a breach and theft of critical data?
  • Does it mean securing my perimeter?
  • Do you know where your critical data resides?
  • Do you fully understand how people access your data and from where?
  • Do people need training and/or ongoing training?

Let us help you. Contact Flycast Partners today. We look forward to discussing your individual needs and helping protect your business.

By Frederick Sears | May 18th, 2021 | 0 Comments