New Additions to Our Robust Offerings

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, we should look forward to better – and more normal – times ahead. Although 2021 might not be a "normal" year, we are hopeful it will be a year of conquering the pandemic, hopefully allowing our country to fast track to normalcy. While the pandemic has not been painless, the events of 2020 have forced Flycast Partners to examine our business operations and discover how to operate in a leaner, more efficient manner. I suspect that is true for many other businesses as well.

In 2021, Flycast Partners expects to continue to offer the type of service our customers have come to expect and identify opportunities to broaden our core offerings. We are actively executing due diligence with other vendors we believe will bring value to our current – and future – customer base. Our stated goal is to identify additional software and service opportunities, expanding our offerings to our customers in terms of breadth of choices. While excited to bring other offerings to Flycast Partners, it takes time to evaluate each opportunity carefully. We must be thoroughly convinced the offerings extend our capabilities and are the best value in the marketplace to our customers through our due diligence.

Recently one of our primary vendors, Ivanti, announced the acquisition of another of our vendors, Cherwell. Anyone using a product from either vendor may be uneasy about what this means for the future of the product they are currently using. While mergers and acquisitions are standard business practices, they can still bring uneasiness and potential changes to each. Flycast Partners is in a unique position to provide guidance and support for either product. We are also here to help navigate the events of the acquisition as it is consummated. Our goal is to assist each of you by providing relevant guidance to minimize the acquisition's impact while maximizing the value of the product(s) you are using. If anyone has any questions about what this may mean for the future of the products you are currently using, please feel free to reach out to Flycast Partners to discuss in further detail.

At Flycast Partners, our two most valuable assets are our customer base and our teammates. As always, we take this opportunity to thank you for being a valued customer of Flycast Partners and look forward to serving you both now and well into the future.

By Nathan George | February 12th, 2021 | 0 Comments