Manage, Secure, and Deliver IT for a Remote Workforce

2020 will go down in history as one of the most challenging years that businesses have ever faced. No other time in history have most companies practically become an entirely remote workforce overnight. By doing so, it can bring a lot of new and unique challenges: The inability to support many remote workers; Being unable to inventory assets, as well as being unable to patch remotely. Though these challenges are difficult, they are problems that Ivanti and Flycast Partners can help you solve.

During this time, we want to emphasize that we are committed to your success and business continuity. We want to support you as you prepare for and manage a large remote workforce to minimize disruptions to your business. With Ivanti’s Endpoint Management and Asset Management, we can provide solutions to the difficulties that so many companies are currently facing.

If you are currently using our Endpoint Management, we understand that you need to quickly shift from on-network to off-network working. You can easily extend your current endpoint management software with our virtual Cloud Services Appliance (CSA).  It allows you to inventory, patch, deploy software, and remote troubleshoot without hardware investment.

Ivanti is also offering Cloud Services Appliance FREE of charge until October 31, 2020, to help you through this trying time. This can be set up in hours and requires no professional services. Click here for your free trial.

If you are currently an endpoint customer that already has an Ivanti Cloud Services Appliance, is it keeping up with the demand for the sudden increase in remote workers? If not, consider adding multiple Cloud Services Appliances so you can scale with your organization’s needs. Each Cloud Service Appliance can provide capacity for approximately 3,500 devices.

We are proud to support Flycast Partners and our customers—We wish you the very best during these unprecedented times.

By The Ivanti Partner Network | May 10th, 2020 | 0 Comments

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