Hello 2021, Welcome to Flycast Partners

In a year that has challenged us as never before, Flycast Partners has been truly fortunate and not only survived, but we also thrived. During a year where we saw a pandemic, riots, a contentious political election (no matter which side you chose), wildfires, impeachment, major events canceled, and if that all were not enough, we now have hybrid hornets. Some many events/situations dictated 2020, but how we reacted defines who we are as an organization.

Like other organizations, Flycast Partners was not immune to the impact of the previous events; however, by logically addressing each challenge, we have adjusted our methodologies. Flycast Partners has evaluated its business operations and had identified opportunities to execute in a leaner, more streamlined approach allowing us to operate more efficiently and enabled us to serve you, our customer, more admirably. 

We intend to drive this streamlined model into 2021.

In 2021, Flycast Partners will continue to identify cost savings opportunities in all facets of the business. Flycast Partners will decrease its operating cost percentages from accounting to project execution compared to the consultants' billable hours. Today, Flycast Partners is more efficient than its competitors resulting in competitive product prices for our current and future customers. This initiative is key to organizational success and is continually under scrutiny to identify cost-saving opportunities.

Flycast Partners will also continue its exploration of products and vendors who would complement our organization. We will only carry vendors we believe represent the best solution in the market and continue to evaluate opportunities. Flycast Partners is currently vendor relationships to add products to our primary product portfolio. These products will continue to expand our offerings, provide our customers additional choices, and remain relevant in the industry and diversify us as an organization.

Flycast Partners will also continue to invest in its teammates in the way of training and certifications. Flycast Partners has and continues to work with each teammate on individual training plans to ensure both Flycast Partners and its technicians remain relevant. This is a crucial initiative for this organization as it has and will continue to separate Flycast Partners from its competitors. This also allows Flycast Partners to enter or remain the highest valued partner for each of the vendors we are executing business opportunities with, both now and into the future. Our position as the "go-to" entity for advice and services is powerful and only expected to become more strengthened in 2021.

The last major item for Flycast Partners is the strategic hires of teammates. With organic growth comes opportunity and need. In the last quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, Flycast Partners has been fortunate to add new teammates who have provided immediate impact. The new teammates have hit the ground running. We expect to continue to staff the positions necessary to provide our customers the value and service they expect from Flycast Partners.

Last, but certainly not least, our position as a service provider providing exemplary L1 and L2 support services and managed hosting services to hundreds of customers in different product verticals. These initiatives have allowed Flycast Partners to enter new relationships with many new customers permitting us to build or solidify long-standing collaborations letting Flycast Partners continue to meet and exceed customer expectations. Flycast Partners will continue to attack opportunities with the highest aggressiveness and not be deterred by difficulties associated with today's societal or political challenges.

Hello 2021, welcome to Flycast Partners.

By John Postorino | February 12th, 2021 | 0 Comments