Flycast Partners Staff Augmentation

Whether your organization is a small start-up or a Fortune 100 company, scarcity of resources is a real problem. Periodically, companies need technical experts in particular technologies or resources to manage specific tasks and solidify an in-house team. They need to have strict control over a project, and its outcome remains the organization's responsibility. Still, staff augmentation services contribute and allow the ability to ramp up and ramp down at a moment's notice.

There is good news for organizations who need valuable resources, and outsourcing is not the only viable option. Today I am happy to announce Flycast Partners is offering IT staff augmentation services to our customers to help achieve an organization's goals for less money and shorter periods.

What is staff augmentation? Staff augmentation is an outsourcing collaboration model where an organization can hire highly skilled workers for a defined period of time versus hiring permanently. In short, a company is provided highly qualified and laser-focused resources without the administrative burden associated with permanent personnel. Flycast Partners offers resources to customers on a project or long-term maintenance basis. Our certified consultants can step in and directly impact without the requirement of having to learn a specific technology.

How would it work? Flycast Partners' customers would be required to determine precisely what they are attempting to achieve and have an idea of the type(s) of necessary resources. The customer would need to provide what they perceive as the qualifications, expertise, certifications, and years of experience for each opening they are attempting to fill. Flycast Partners will provide a list of qualified consultants based upon the requirements provided for review/evaluation. If required, the customer will have the opportunity to conduct interviews to ensure eligibility before the augmentee joins their team.

There are many different advantages of using staff augmentation versus permanently hiring a full-time equivalent. Identifying the exact resource can be tedious and can take an extended time, especially when searching for candidates with superior and uncommon abilities/skills. However, with the help of Flycast Partners, your organization can reduce the recruitment process from months to weeks or even days, saving valuable time. Another critical benefit of building an internal team with augmentees is cost savings. Each organization has a finite number of financial resources available, and the more efficiently they are applied, the more benefit to the organization. By using staff augmentation, you reduce or eliminate ramp-up time due to inexperience, lack of product knowledge, or other industry unknowns. Flycast Partners eliminates these issues with a highly certified cadre of technology experts.

Staff augmentation provides organizations with several benefits such as fast recruitment cycles, lower development costs, higher flexibility, and many more items not captured in this article. If you are an organization in need of IT resources and do not need to hire a permanent employee, reach out to Flycast Partners to discuss your requirements and our ability to provide you with the right resource at the right time.

By John Postorino | May 12th, 2021 | 0 Comments