Flycast Partners As Your Solution

Flycast Partners only represents software vendors and products we truly believe in and can add value to with our depth of knowledge and the additional services we offer. Part of our value-add is the fact that we give frank and honest comparisons and evaluations, helping highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each product. No single vendor can deliver a selection of products that provides for all the demands of an organization’s IT shop. When an organization speaks directly to a vendor, their job is to position their product in the best light and sell it to the customer. It is not our intention to be a one-stop shop for any organization, but rather serve as a boutique specialist for your IT needs.

Regarding the customer experience, Flycast Partners adheres to three primary responsibilities:

  • Pre-sales activity - To be the trusted advisor and present the strengths and weaknesses of each product being considered for purchase to our potential customer

  • Immediate post-sales activity - To implement the chosen product in a manner allowing for the greatest opportunity for success

  • Post-sales and ongoing activity - To continue to be the advocate for our customer and ensure continued success with the chosen product

While not every organization embraces a purchase model utilizing a Value-Added Reseller as a trusted advisor, those that do gain short-term value by making the proper, cost-effective purchasing decisions and, in addition, achieve long-term success from choosing the right product at the right time.

Making Flycast Partners your trusted advisor is the solution to your organization. We deliver the best possible solutions aligning with each organization’s unique needs and objectives, ensuring that our customers receive the most out of the solutions we represent.

By Nathan George | December 22nd, 2020 | 0 Comments