Employee Spotlight: Shawn Goldberg

Shawn Goldberg is a Marketing Analyst and Technical Writer at Flycast Partners. If you have ever been to the Flycast website, received an email from the marketing team, laughed at our cartoons, watched our animated videos, attended a webinar, or read one of our blogs, landing pages, or datasheets, he had a hand in its writing and creation.

Tell us a few details about your favorite part of your job.

Every day is never identical. Each project demands a different style of content. Even in the same day, I might have to write a landing page for a webinar, put together an email campaign, help with a social post, grammar check a presentation, or edit a blog related to a specific IT technology. Switching back and forth between assignments is not like whiplash. I appreciate the variety. It allows me to improve my writing skills and learn more about the industry.

If you could invent an IT solution, what would it achieve?

Considering IT in general, I would invent an all-in-one patching solution that functioned on all operating systems. It would only have to be run once to resolve all current and future patching issues. As for a solution that would make my job smoother, there needs to be a program easily combining different formats (pdf, doc, png, jpeg, spreadsheets, etc.) into a single document. I know it is simple to drag and drop items, but to do this and have no abrupt formatting issues whatsoever would save considerable time and effort.

What is unique about working for Flycast Partners?

There is open communication between everyone. Every person is available to discuss any issue or confusion, technical or otherwise. No team member is off limits. Whether the person is an Executive, Consultant, Engagement Manager, Salesperson, Business Analyst, or Accountant, if I have a question or request feedback, the person will answer with a prompt response. When I talk about work and company culture with my friends, I am always surprised when I hear they do not have this same freedom or opportunity at their place of employment.

If you could experience a different position at Flycast Partners for a week, what would the position be and why?

Leading an implementation from beginning to end sounds very rewarding, so I would choose to be an Engagement Manager. Building and executing a plan, staying organized with details big and small, all while problem solving in the moment and
making sure the customer is happy with everything, are impressive feats. I think managing the many moving parts of a project would provide me a greater understanding of technologies, practices, and methods I only have the chance to write about.

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