Employee Spotlight: Kaitlynne Fincher

Kaitlynne Fincher works as an Onboarding Specialist specializing in Freshservice. She is responsible for customer training and software implementation. She is the Subject Matter Expert regarding all things Freshservice. She provides direct support to ensure all customer needs are met.

What aspects do you enjoy most about your job and working at Flycast Partners?

I love being able to be the person that helps our customers achieve success efficiently and effectively. In addition, even though we are a remote company, we are a close-knit community and support one another.

What unique quality do you bring to each engagement?

I am straightforward in a professional way. I attempt to do my best to provide a resolution even when faced with adversity or challenges. Due diligence for the customer is a priority. I am also competitive by nature, so I always strive to do better and better for our customers.

What is the most common need you see organizations requiring?

The most common need I see among customers is a simplified way to manage their incidents, service requests, and CMDB in a streamlined way while being able to capture analytical reports of the process.

If you could invent an IT solution, what would it achieve?

My choice is automation in every aspect and process to eliminate time-consuming processes and mitigate human error.

What is some IT advice you wish your younger self knew when you began to work in the industry?

You will never know it all. You will continuously be a work in progress and forever growing/learning/becoming better each and every day. You have to give yourself grace and learn from all forms of feedback/guidance.

What is your favorite IT project and why?

My favorite IT project is a Freshservice Engagement, because we establish various processes and modules to conquer the customer’s pain points, all while providing ITIL best practices. It is very hands-on approach and provides the opportunity to teach customers not only about configurations but about ITIL as well.

What is your biggest success with an IT engagement and why?

The biggest success with an IT engagement for me is when you and the customer have created a team dynamic, the pain points have been addressed, and we have successfully launched the product within their environment. In addition, I also find it memorable when we encounter challenges/obstacles, but through due diligence and creativity, we are able to develop, test, and deliver a solution.

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